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1.Xixi 2016Q1 Xixi is from Henan Province. She is with cerebral palsy. She joined Chunhui Babies Program when she was two years old. Xixi is very quiet, and she always keeps a smile on her face. Xixi made great progress during the past several years. Recently, when the children were building blocks, Xixi built a castle, which really surprised her teachers. When they went to plant sunflowers, Xixi helped teachers with the weeding work. After planting the seeds, Xixi took a bottle to water the sunflower seeds. The teacher asked her: How do you know they need water? She replied: Because I remember the flowers in our classroom need water. I know all the flowers need water to grow.

1.Xixi 2010Q21.Xixi 2010Q4


YayaYaya is from Henan Province. She is with Down's Syndrome. She came to Chunhui Babies Program when she was about two months old. From the pictures, we can see Yaya is getting better and better day by day. Now, she is four and a half years old, and doesn't need to rely on the wheelchair. She can walk and climb up the stairs. When teachers taught them to sing, Yaya was always clapping her hands with the music. After having snacks, Yaya remembered to put the rubbish into the trash bin.

2.Yaya 2012Q22.Yaya 2015Q2

Henan Zhumadian Seed facility Chunhui Babies Environment

Henan Zhumadian Seed facility Chunhui Babies Environment3.Henan Zhumadian Seed facility Chunhui Babies Environment 6

Henan Zhumadian Seed facility Chunhui Preschools Environment

4.Henan Zhumadian Seed facility Chunhui Preschools Environment 1Henan Zhumadian Seed facility Chunhui Preschools Environment

Your impact

chunhui_childrenThank you for standing by our side. With your partnership as one of our national co-sponsors, within one year, 3,320 children experience the joys of childhood and are reaching important milestones, 646 caregivers, teachers and mentors participate in training opportunities to ensure they best meet the needs of children in their care. Most importantly, all impacted children know they are loved and that their lives matter.


1. Programs highlights:

Chunhui Babies

chunnaiFull-time Chunhui Mamas recruited from the local community are taught the art of "responsive care." Each taking care of no more than four babies, they pay close attention to the needs and interests of their small charges, aged 0-3 years old, even during the most routine activities of the day. They learn to care and love these children as any parent intuitively would - singing, playing, cuddling, hugging and doting on them.

Chunhui Preschools

chunnaipreschoolsChunhui Preschools prepare 3-7 year-old children for mainstream elementary and special education schools. Trained teachers, who are university or normal school graduates, use a unique and progressive curriculum that blends principles of the Western Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education with contemporary Chinese teaching methods. Special areas are designed for art projects, music, reading, imaginary play and developing motor skills. Like the approach employed in the Chunhui Baby Program, teachers endeavor to understand the interests of each child before developing individualized curriculum and projects based on those interests. Each teacher takes care of up to six children.

Chunhui Youth

chunnaiyouthAdolescent years can often be a struggle, especially for those who do not have the good fortune of their biological family's support. Without proper guidance or encouragement, many older orphaned children give up on themselves. Our trained mentors spend time getting to know the older children and young adults in our program between the ages 7-18 so they can develop an individualized plan for each child. The plan may include music, art, computer or language lessons. It may include tutoring or sports or vocational training. It may even include college prep and support through university years. Our mentors are a constant presence in these young people's lives, providing personal attention and hugs as needed, teaching them that they can have the same big dreams as other children and supporting them as they go after those dreams.

Also thanks to Hairy Crab, generously to place the funding as unrestricted become one of the national co-sponsors of Chunhui funding to maximize the impact and bring the motherly love to the children in most needs.


Financial Impact

chunnaibabiessitesHairy Crab Charities supported 5.6% of Chunhui's 5.9M RMB 2015 annual budget impacting the lives of 6,324 children.

Social Impact

- With nationwide program impact, Chunhui Preschools management team was invited to early childhood education conferences. Chunhui CEO Cindy Lin delivered a keynote speech, sharing the changes Chunhui bring to children and the experience it has in running enrichment programs in Chinese state-run orphanages.

- On April 20-21, 2015, Chunhui chief program officer Zhou Dan, preschool program senior director Du Xiurong, Anhui Rainbow training program manager Hu Kongbao, 1jiaren online learning community manager Li Ping and professional development director Jasmine Xu presented themselves, the first time as a team, at the International Symposium on "Early Childhood Education, the Past, Now and Future & Founding Congress for National Association of Early Childhood Education, co-hosted in Shanghai by Chinese Society of Education and East China Normal University. As an organization committed to serving for children with special needs, Chunhui is inspired for innovation and excellence, open for most updated child development information, and ready to learn and share.

chunnaibabies- In June 2015, Chunhui program directors and trainers gathered in Nanjing for the four-day international early education symposium. It was a new and inspiring experience where our child care concepts were tested and expanded. In early June, right after children had their great day, we were enjoying ours at the gathering. As always, Chunhui provides for staff professional learning and development opportunities so that the children we serve can have as many wonderful happy days as their special "children's day".

We hope Hairy Crab continues to support us as it has always been doing in order for orphaned children to thrive under loving care of Chunhui Mamas / preschools teachers / youth mentors. You'll have an opportunity to witness how these angelic lives bloom.


"All the children who are held and loved will know how to love others...Spread these virtues in the world. Nothing more need be done..." - MengZi c.300BC




Chunhui Children is deeply appreciative of Hairy Crab Charities support of our work with children in need in China. Your partnership is vital to help us ensure that every child knows she is loved, knows her life matters and has a chance at a bright future.

chunhui_childrenHairy Crab Charities unrestricted funds provide vital support for our programs throughout China. To further highlight the impact you help us accomplish, we have prepared five Progress Reports describing the recent achievements of the preschoolers in Luoyang. Below we have also included a brief overview of our overall organizational achievements in 2014.


Chunhui Children Achievements in 2014

Today, Chunhui Children and its sister organization, Half the Sky Foundation, in partnership with government, operate education and enrichment programs for orphaned children from birth to adulthood in 52 cities across China. As a trusted partner in the Blue Sky Plan, a national initiative launched by former President Hu Jintao in 2006, to date we have established Model Children's Centers in 26 provinces and municipalities.

From its inception, it has been Half the Sky's goal to turn much of what it has learned and built over to the Chinese and become an organization primarily focused on training and mentoring. As our government partnership has evolved and deepened, that goal has become increasingly attainable, particularly through the Rainbow Program, which has made great strides in the past three years.

The first of its kind in China, the groundbreaking private/public/NGO Rainbow Program was launched on Children's Day 2011.  Since then, the Rainbow Program has been driving systemic change in the child welfare sector by delivering the combined Half the Sky and government caregiver training curriculum to child welfare workers and administrators through a blend of initiatives which combine the best of direct in-person, hands-on training and a nationwide online learning platform connecting caregivers and administrators.  As of yearend 2014, Half the Sky has provided direct Rainbow Program trainings (together with the Chinese government) for nearly 8,000 caregivers in 636 welfare institutions impacting over 39,000 children.

Jenny Bowen, Half the Sky's founder and CEO, chronicles her personal and professional journey to transform Chinese orphanages in her book, Wish You Happy Forever, which was released last spring.  The ensuing book tour introduced our work to a whole new global audience and continues to shine a light on the children once, but no longer, forgotten by the Chinese government.

Highlighting the Luoyang Little Sisters Preschool Program

Our Luoyang Preschool Program currently serves 48 eager young learners; they are lovingly nurtured and taught by nine very special, qualified teachers. Chunhui-trained teachers use a unique and progressive curriculum, a blend of the Reggio Emilia approach with the best of Chinese methods designed to prepare children for local school but also to help develop the "whole child", to help little girls and boys attain the positive sense of self so often missing in institutionalized children.

To provide firsthand reporting on the remarkable milestones these children achieve every day in our Preschool in Luoyang, click to find five Progress Reports written by the preschool teachers.

In Closing

Chunhui Children is extremely grateful for Hairy Crab Charities' commitment to orphaned children in China. Thanks to your generous support, institutionalized children have been given the gift of a loving adult in their daily lives. With dedicated partners like you, we hope to continue to improve and innovate our programs and most importantly ensure that these children's futures shine brightly.